We want to take this time to ensure our customers that when your purchase from The Royal Mane you are receiving the Highest Quality Human Grade Ingredients Available, because of this sometimes it takes a little longer to make sure every ingredient has been through quality control, to bring you the amazing formulas we have. 

We have been hands on in developing our formulas from the creation with the Bio Chemist to the production line of the factory. We have studied every single ingredient and guarantee there is no one else in the retail horse product market that has as much in depth knowledge for every single individual ingredient that goes into every single bottle. We stand by our formulas. Every single Ingredient that is Certified Organic is AUSTRALIAN Certified Organic. You cannot make bold claims about Ingredients without having them put through rigorous testing. When we say they are CRUELTY FREE, NO ANIMAL TESTING, VEGAN Contain NO SULFATE, NO PARABEN and NO PROPLEYNE GLYCOL We Mean it!! I would like to take this time to make our customers aware of pale imitations that grace the shelves in this retail market. Be careful of products out there claiming to be natural and Cosmetic/Salon Grade let alone "Human" ( this is a different level of classification altogether and one we hold in high regard) If you do choose to purchase from another brand- do your research and check the ingredients. I have been astounded what some brands regard as "Natural" and "Non Harsh" chemicals. The most important thing to us is the horses and humans we love the most and we won't use cheap ingredients (that can harm the things we love the most)  and pass them off as expensive just to save a few dollars. Our integrity is what sets us apart and why we have such happy customers. 

There's a reason we have the most incredible formulas in the business and we keep our secrets close to our chest. We are proud to have Royal products that produce Royal results. 

We welcome all questions as we are passionate about educating our customers on grooming products and how to achieve the best results possible. 


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