Horse hair is made from the same protein as human hair- "Keratin" therefore the cuticle is just as delicate and just as complex a structure. We approach horse grooming as we would approach Human clients in a salon. It takes patience and care to achieve incredible results! Fortunately we've done all the hard work for you and when we first started we created- "THE ROYAL REGIME" (step by step system) with haircare products (THE ROYAL RECIPE) to match each stage of Grooming for your horse! 

The SECRET is choosing Ingredients that work with the hair along with the patience for the maintenance. 



The first step to achieving a long mane and tail is to access the hair in its current state and plan the best course of action to improve the condition. 

Manes and Tails can have dry, split ends, lack thickness and have dandruff. You can Recognise Dehydrated hair by its frizzy and split appearance- this means it's crying out for a much needed boost of moisture! Constant plaiting and over zealous brushing can cause split ends and washing with overly harsh chemicals can strip the delicate ph level of the cuticle leaving it irritated and dry. Over use of heavy oils and gels can cause a build up on the hair and cause irritation. To repair the current damage we suggest cleansing the mane and tail to begin with a clean canvas. Ensure you use a shampoo that is gentle and sulfate free like our Sovereign Shampoo. This product Gently cleanses the mane and tail without creating unnecessary lather (which is a myth - you don’t need to have a deep lather for a deep clean). It maintains the delicate Ph level because it contains the miracle ingredient COLD PRESSED CERTIFIED ORGANIC ARGAN OIL (which Is in every product in the range and is a PH balancing ingredient on its own). After thoroughly rinsing the shampoo out its time to give your horse The Royal Treatment! This product is literally exactly as the name suggests. The most intensive and nourishing conditioning treatment you will ever give your horse! We have packed this formula full of the most luxurious, moisturising and restorative ingredients available on the market. Now you begin the repair and restorative process : Coarse cuticles and split ends occur from loss of moisture  and without restoring this you will continue to struggle with the condition of the hair. Take small sections of the mane and tail and apply the treatment from root to tip taking special care to apply extra where the hair appears to be more damaged. This is when the magic begins- the cuticle is open from shampooing so its ready to receive all the benefits of the treatment - you can leave this on for anywhere between 30 mins to 4 hours to soak the mane and tail and restore the moisture that the hair has been craving. Some customers like to Pop the tail in a tail bag.If you are short on time you can use as a conditioner as normal.

2:PROTECT - PRODUCT is "THE SUPREME SERUM" - Once you Repair the hair you need to protect from further damage. The serum contains the highest percentage of the miracle ingredient ARGAN OIL (COLD PRESSED CERTIFIED ORGANIC) to condition shine and heal the hair and will gently seal the cuticle from root to tip, protecting from the elements, rubbing and split ends. Argan Oil has the smallest molecular structure so it's rapidly absorbing and can be used daily on the mane and tail, also for the dock of the tail to heal dry patches of skin. Apply daily to the split ends and the dock of the tail to repair and protect the new hair that is growing through. This is the secret to growing a thicker mane and tail. The new hairs that are growing need to be nourished as soon as the appear of they will begin their life cycle damaged and split and the new growth will be a lot thinner than if it was nourished and protected from the beginning. Also the key to growth and thickness is allowing the cuticle to have elasticity- if the product is too thick or heavy it will not let the hair breathe- Argan Oil will balance the ph and because its a “dry oil” as opposed to a “wet oil” it will not cause any irrigation and allow the hair the room it needs to grow thick and strong.

APPLY daily or if washing and doing the treatment first spray the detangled and comb through then apply the serum to finish.

3:MAINTAIN 3: MAINTAIN (THE MANE) - PRODUCT is "THE REGAL DETANGLER" which is infused with CERTIFIED ORGANIC WHITE & GREEN TEA (very calming properties) and COLD PRESSED ARGAN OIL to deliver a daily boost of moisture for daily detangling with ease and to keep the Mane and Tail hydrated without weighing it down. 

A detangler with a difference- it heals as it detangles and can be spritzed over the body also.

Brushing and combing incorrectly are another sure fire way to ruin all you hard work! It takes patience to brush and comb the hair. Take smaller sections and brush from the bottom to the top. Hacking at the hair will only cause more breakage.

To apply all the products we recommend using "THE WONDER BRUSH" which we have ergonomically designed to fit the groomers hand and which has 2 different lengths of bristles to work in synergy with each other, delicately brushing through tangles with NO BREAKAGE and cutting your grooming time in half!