• Image of THE REGAL DETANGLER          500mls
  • Image of THE REGAL DETANGLER          500mls

What if your horse could have the mane and tail you've always dreamed of just by changing a few simple things in your grooming routine?
I combined my knowledge as a hairdresser together with my concerns as a horse owner to create a luxury boutique range of human grade, salon quality products for horses that produce incredible results.
The ingredients are specifically designed to treat the hair from the inside out, strengthening and protecting, nourishing and softening for a mane and tail that glows with health.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Conditioning and Detangling Spray

PRODUCT BRIEF: A potent burst of cold pressed certified organic Argan oil and a host of moisturising ingredients combine to create tangle free ultra-groomed manes & tails that are shiny, healthy and conditioned. Perfect to use for show stopping braiding and styling or as a daily leave in treatment.

Directions: Shake well before use then spray liberally onto the mane and tail. For detangling we recommend using our Royal Grooming Brush, combing through the bottom and working your way up the hair. Repeat this process before braiding and styling. Highly effective as a daily leave-in conditioner, spray in as desired. To complete the grooming process apply the Supreme Shine Serum.