What if your horse could have the mane and tail you've always dreamed of just by changing a few simple things in your grooming routine?
I combined my knowledge as a hairdresser together with my concerns as a horse owner to create a luxury boutique range of human grade, salon quality products for horses that produce incredible results.
The ingredients are specifically designed to treat the hair from the inside out, strengthening and protecting, nourishing and softening for a mane and tail that glows with health.


Our newest product in the range!

A luxurious, sulfate free, refreshing blend of pure essential oils with Certified Organic Ingredients to gently and effectively cleanse the Mane and Tail whilst nourishing the hair.
The Shampoo would not be complete without adding the special ingredient in all our products: Certified Organic Argan Oil.
This shampoo is PH balanced to the ideal level- Horse and human hair has a small difference in PH levels so it's essential you use a PH balanced product when cleansing that is make especially for a horse Mane and Tail.